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We organize a number of events mostly based on the Tibetan calendar in which Buddhists celebrate the auspicious occasions of Dharma. Therefore, each event's schedule and structure will show in the announcements section of this website, on Facebook, and on Instagram. 

Special Prayer Offering, Solkha.

Special prayer offering "Solkha" for the well-being of all living things to co-exist peacefully and in harmony manner. 

Prayers for world peace

Since we all live on one shared planet. Every living thing wants happiness instead of suffering. Based on that principles Dharma Centre hosts Prayers for World Peace to stop Pandemics and Wars.  

8th Lunar Day: Medicine Buddha Puja 

Medicine Buddha Puja event is to have a healthy life for all the living things. Subsequently, all the animals and human beings can enjoy ever-lasting peace and security.    

15th Lunar Month: Lama Tsonkhapa Tsok (Lama Chopa)

Tsongkhapa Tsok is to achieve the wishes of the great Tsongkhapa, founder of the Gelukpa sect in Buddhism. 

Shabten available at the centre or your home.

Shabten; it could be done either at your home or at the Dharma Centre. The purpose of 'Shapten' is to remove incoming misfortune incidents of your life and your family. 

Prayer offering for deceased at home or a the centre

It is the ritual for all living things who passed away and need prayer for a better life at the next birth. Dharma Centre can help with the prayer offering for the deceased at your home or at the Centre.

1oth Lunar Day: Avalokiteshvara ( Chenrizk Tsok

Compassion is the foundation for the existence of all animals and humans. Therefore, Avalokiteshvara Tsok event wishes all the living things could enjoy compassion for each other and have a harmonious community as well as the world at large. 

25th Lunar Month: Tara Tsok (Dolma Tsok)

Tara Tsok prevents diseases and misfortunes from us. Tara is the mother of all the lives and protector of all the person who has faith in her.

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