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How You Can Donate and Help Jewel Dharma Centre?

Jewel Dharma centre accepts donations with much appreciation. The centre is a registered charity organization under Canada Revenue Agency. Hence, your donation will be tax deductible. Donated amounts are spent for projects and events expenditures as well as tea and bread for participants on daily basis, Tsok offerings, and organizing several other religious events throughout the year. 

ways you can donate:

In Person

Generous donation in-person can be done either to the resident lama Geshe Jampa (416-530-4038) Tsering or our secretary Rinchen Wangchuk (647-300-8468)

As per many inquiries from our members about email address for e-transfer donation for prayers, please use We appreciate your donation. Thank you.




Theo nhiều câu hỏi từ các thành viên của chúng tôi về địa chỉ email để chuyển tiền điện tử quyên góp cho những lời cầu nguyện, vui lòng sử dụng Chúng tôi đánh giá cao sự đóng góp của bạn. Cảm ơn bạn.


You can donate by E-Transaction from your account directly. Follow E-Mail ID is legit one for our Jewel Dharma Centre. 

E-Mail ID:

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