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       JEWEL DHARMA CENTRE is a non-profit registered charitable organization. The aim of the organization is to enhance the lives of people. Specifically for young and old people who strive to live peaceful minds. Peace of mind is essential for an individual as well as for a collective person to have a meaningful life. Individual's character and behaviour makes difference to the existence of a community and the world at large through the principle of ripple effects. Therefore, our aim of making this non-profit charitable organization is to bring dharma characteristics to individuals for peace and harmony in a community where they belong. Because the core force of learning Dharma principles is to change the violent character of a person into a person of civility. 


Moreover, with the growing number of Tibetans in Canada, especially elderly Tibetans, there was a strong need for an institute that would offer them a place to meet and practice the daily rituals of Tibetan Buddhism. Geshe Jampa Tsering saw this need and connected it with His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s wish to promote inner peace through the practice of Buddha teaching, and hence established Jewel Dharma in 2014. Four years after its inception, Jewel Dharma has become a place for Tibetans of different age groups, mainly for elders. A group of 45-50 people meet at the centre every day to do prayers. It has also become a place to share personal stories and feelings among elderly Tibetans. 


We planned a number of projects and events to achieve our goals. They are weekly Dharma Teaching, Daily Tara Prayer Session, Practice of Meditation at Retreat Centre, offering Tsok and Shabten, etc. Schedules of each project and event will be displayed in the "Announcement section of this website, on Facebook, and on Instagram for the Centre. 

Our Advisor & Teacher

Lama Topden Rinpoche is our advisor and the teacher at our centre. He is well versed in all Buddhism Philosophy studies and has many followers. We are proud to present him as our advisor and teacher. Without his guidance and support, we would not have become what we are today. 

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